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Monica Ugwuanyi: The Virtuous First Lady of Enugu State



By Sandra Gabriel  [Women/Fashion Editor]

The monumental development in Enugu State as piloted by the dynamic leadership of His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s (Gburugburu) administration in Enugu State leaves no one in doubt. He stands firm for grassroots development.

Well, the best kept secret of the trailblazing performance is that the very fountains of this government are supported by a very strong vessel- the first lady.

Mrs. Monica Ugochi Ugwuanyi is such a virtuous woman whose counsel can never be valued a little, because her winged spirit is feathered often times with heavenly words, and, like her beauty, ravishing and pure.

This supports the popular saying that behind every successful man is a woman; in this case, Mrs. Ugwuanyi represents even more, a supportive, dynamic and spirited woman of repute.

Actually, those who said there is power in name can’t be wrong. In the 4th century this name, Monica, was borne by the North African St. Monica of Hippo, the mother of Saint Augustine. Since the Middle Ages it has been associated with Latin moneo“advisor” and Greek monos “one”.  As the occupant of His Excellency’s heart, her intelligent advisory is very glaring in a manner the State affairs are conducted wearing human face.

While standing behind the Husband as ‘the Rock of Gibraltar’, Her Excellency is not lacking the soothing balm that calms the nerves when tensions are high.

Many who know her understand that her milk of compassion for the vulnerable keeps flowing from one Senatorial District Enugu State to another. In fact, while launching Ugo Touch of Life Foundation (U-TOLF) in April 2017, she said, “Learn to be compassionate to one another to attract the blessings of the Lord. Your time is enough for us to touch somebody’s life. All hands must be on deck to move Enugu State forward. Let us start working together; It is important to touch the lives of our people especially the vulnerable ones.” It takes a touched heart to reach out to the stretched hands of the needy.

Just like the husband who believes, not in propaganda-governance, rather touching lives of the very downtrodden in the society, Monica Ugwuanyi has been building on the pet-project (U-TOLF Foundation); through medical outreach to nooks and crannies of the State.

She has demonstrated that, truly, compassion, if transmitted in form of medical facilities will improve on the health of the citizens, especially those living in the rural areas.The U-TOLF’s healthcare programmes has provided free cervical and breast cancer screening, enlightenment, and treatment to thousands of women, while men are provided with free prostate cancer screening and care.


U-TOLF has provided free eye screening and treatment as well as free de-worming of thousands of school children in rural areas. The Foundation also builds sickbay and carry out other health campaigns, such as hygiene to promote health in rural schools.

Further research shows that Mrs. Ugwuanyi, has through the same pet-project offered scholarships to indigents citizens, ensured that orphans and children of the poor do not miss out on primary and secondary education.

Impressively, those covered by this scholarship scheme are cared for down to their uniforms, sandals, books and writing materials throughout their junior and senior secondary education.

Her fond for women economical empowerment not only let’s her provide free vocational training for these women, she also personally hands them the requisite facilities to start up their own businesses. Farm inputs, such as fertiliser, are also distributed to woman in rural areas every farming season.

The amiable wife of the Governor also understands the vital role of women in housekeeping. Therefore, she personally takes it upon herself to enlighten women on home management, household hygiene, clean cook, and among others.

Yet she isn’t making noise about it!

Her spiritual stamina is also never in doubt. This family loves God! She has taken it upon herself to run with the task of recommitting Enugu into God’s hands on the 9th day of every month on the platform of the Enugu State Women Prayer Network.

She has not only been mobilizing Enugu women to pray, she also put structures in place to minister to the educational, health, and economic needs of the less privileged in the State.

Today, the results are endearing: Enugu State has been variously rated as one of the most peaceful and secured states in Nigeria. Whereas richer States lament of a casting down, unable to pay salaries, Enugu State has continued to witness a lifting up.

Enugu is not only among the few states that pay workers regularly, equitable development projects are going on in every part of the State. For a very long time in the history of this State created in 1991, the State government paid workers 13th month salary. You need to visit Enugu State to see the joy on the faces of the people: this is true democracy.

Also, indigenes of the State who could ill afford transport fares to visit their loved ones during the yuletide season were provided with free buses.

To this end,, representing the people’s voices, celebrates this amazon; a solid pillar behind the successes recorded in the State in less than three years. Enugu State is truly in the safe hands of God. is on a critical mission; to objectively and honestly represent the voice of ‘grassrooters’ in International, Federal, State and Local Government fora; heralding the achievements of political and other leaders and investors alike, without discrimination. This daily, digital news publication platform serves as the leading source of up-to-date information on how people and events reflect on the global community. The pragmatic articles reflect on the life of the community people, covering news/current affairs, business, technology, culture and fashion, entertainment, sports, State, National and International issues that directly impact the locals.

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BB-Naija’s Bambam Speaks up on how she was sexually abused by her nanny from age 2 to 8



The former Big Brother Naija reality TV star, Bamike Olawunmi, popularly known as Bambam, has narrated how she was sexually abused by her nanny and raped.

She made this known in a video on her Instagram page, where she revealed that the abuse happened between the age of 2 to 8.

Bambam, Who is now a married woman and blessed with two lovely daughters, explained that the experience affected her in so many ways as she couldn’t confide in her parents because the nanny threatened her.

The actress also stated that she was raped a few times by men she dated in the past.


She wrote, “I Was Abused by a Nanny as a child between the ages of 2-8

”She used my fist to masturbate and forced me to suck her breast while at it. It has affected me in different ways. I have also been raped a few times as a young girl. I wasn’t ready to have sex with some of the guys I dated in the past, so they forced themselves on me.

”Look, sex MUST be consensual even in marriage! Sex must be consensual at all times! Don’t manipulate a mind into it! Not to talk of children?!

”Hurt and mentally sick people hurt other people! That nanny was clearly abused or possessed and felt it was okay to do all she did to me! We have sick people making laws to permit their sick orientations! Make it stop!

“I know some vile mouths and sick-hearted people would say rubbish and make unrelated comments! Some may spin this out of context, some may feel I should have been quiet, Y’all are the major cause of the problem in this world, abused people are committing suicide and some are abusing other people. I owe nobody any explanation! I’m doing my bit. If you care, let’s go!

”For the ones with the fear of God, let’s come together and build a community to protect each other and our children from these predators! Let’s do our bit to contribute to healing this dark world. Let’s do real kingdom work.”

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Wizkid and Davido to go on a combined tour soonest



Popular Nigerian artist, Wizkid, Has said that he is going on a tour with his colleague, Davido.

He said this via his Instagram account on Wednesday. The two has over the years been seen as rivals by their fans. But overtime, The duo has shown some brotherhood bond amongst themselves.

However, It’s no longer news that the past year ending has been a rough time for Davido and his family, Over the loss of his Son. That dealt him a rough blow as he was off social media and work for a while.


But Davido returned to the stage at the World Cup closing ceremony in December for the first time since the death of his son, Ifeanyi in October.


Wizkid has given his fans and Davido’s fans something to shout about as he announced earlier on his Instagram page that they will both be going on a tour soon.

He wrote, “After my MLLE tour, Davido and I are going on tour! Save your coins! I no wan hear pim.”

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Why I had abortions at age 19 and 24 -BBNaija’s Phyna



The Former Big Brother Naija winner, Ijeoma Otabor, Popularly known as Phyna, has revealed reasons she had abortions at the age of 19 and 24.

Some days ago, She revealed that she’s had 2 Abortions in the past which got her fans wondering why and how. Well she just disclosed her reasons.

In an interview with Punch Newspapers, the reality tv star had said she had an abortion at 19 because she couldn’t tell her parents.

And she removed the second foetus because her partner was abusive and always beat her.

When asked, “Can you tell us the reasons for taking the decision?” Phyna responded by saying, “As for my reasons for taking abortion pills, if there are 100 women in Nigeria today, 98 have done abortions. So, no one should judge me.

“I was in a 12-year relationship then and I was so young. The first abortion was when I was 19, I couldn’t go home to tell my parents that I was pregnant at that age. And the two pregnancies were so early, like two to three weeks, that I could just use tablets.

“The second was when I was 24, and I had finished serving them. I was ready to keep it, but the relationship was getting toxic. He abused me and always beat me up. I said to myself that I couldn’t do this anymore, so I took it out and that was how I ended the relationship.

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