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We Do Not Accept Refugee Application Directly From People – Canadian Govt.



Many Nigerians are beginning to seek if they could get an asylum to Canada after DJ Switch was confirmed to have immigrated to the country.

The popular DJ who was among the Nigerians present at Lekki Tollgate when soldiers opened fired at them on the 20th of October. DJ’s Switch life was in danger after revealing how Nigerian soldiers had killed many of the protesters.

The Canadian Government in a clarification to Nigerians and other nationals has said that its Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates, Consulates-General or Honorary Consulates, do not accept refugee applications directly from people.

It stated that Canada only works with the United Nations Refugee Agency, other designated referral organizations and private sponsors to identify individuals who need resettlement outside of their home country.

The statement reads in full;

‘A message from the Government of Canada’

“Canadian Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates, Consulates-General or Honorary Consulates do not accept refugee applications directly from people.

“Canada works with the United Nations Refugee Agency, other designated referral organizations and private sponsors to identify individuals in need of resettlement, and who are outside their home country.

“You cannot apply directly for resettlement. You must be referred to Canada by a designated referral organization or a private sponsor.

“No one can guarantee that your immigration application will be fast-tracked or approved. Only a Canadian migration officer can decide if you can come to Canada.

“All the information you need to apply to visit or immigrate to Canada is available free on the official Government of Canada website.”

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President Buhari Lauds Airforce Pilot For Gallantry



President Muhammadu Buhari has commended the gallant pilot of the Nigerian Air Force HQ Alpha Jet, Flight Lieutenant Abayomi Dairo, who successfully ejected from an aircraft that came under “intense ground fire from bandits” in Zamfara State, Northwest, at the weekend.

The President, who was briefed on the successful operation by the nation’s defence forces to rescue the pilot, said he was pained by news of the air crash.

“I was shocked by the devastating news of the air crash but felt much relieved, following the successful ejection by the pilot and his eventual rescue. May the injured pilot recover at the earliest time.’’

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Billionaire Bezos Back To Earth After Successful Suborbital Trip



Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket successfully launched into space and safely returned to Earth carrying passengers Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and space tourism company Blue Origin, brother Mark Bezos, Mary Wallace “Wally” Funk, and Oliver Daemen, near Van Horn, Texas, Tuesday, July 20.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos was back safely on Earth Tuesday after a 10-minute suborbital flight aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft.

“Best day ever,” Bezos said after the capsule touched down near Van Horn, Texas.

The spacecraft is named after Alan Shepard, the first American launched into space.

The world’s richest man blasted off Tuesday from a remote desert launch site in Texas, as he became the second billionaire to self-fund a trip to space this month.

The fully automated rocket reached an altitude of about 106 kilometers after reaching Mach 3. Once at altitude, the booster separated from the capsule and returned to Earth landing upright near the launch site. The crew was able to experience weightlessness for 3 to 4 minutes before a parachute landing back on earth

The altitude surpassed the 85-kilometer mark reached by British billionaire Richard Branson on July 11 when he and five crewmates flew aboard his Virgin Galactic rocket-powered space plane.

The 57-year-old founder of e-commerce giant Amazon founded Blue Origin in 2000 with the goal of creating permanent space colonies where people will live and work.

Bezos was joined by his brother, Mark, plus 82-year-old aviation pioneer Mary Wallace “Wally” Funk and 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, making them the oldest and youngest persons to fly into space.

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UK Foreign Minister Demands Buhari To Explaon How Nnamdi Kanu Was Repatriated From Kenya



UK minister has demanded that Buhari’s regime explain to the British government how it repatriated Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) leader Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya.

The UK Minister of State for the Commonwealth, Lord Tariq Ahmad, has demanded that President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime explain to the British government how it repatriated IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya.

The request followed a debate by the UK Parliament on July 7, during which British lawmakers discussed the UK government’s assessment of Kenya’s role in Mr Kanu’s arrest.

Lord Alton of Liverpool raised the issue at the House of Lords, seeking to address the controversies surrounding the transfer of Mr Kanu to Nigeria against his will.

“Lord Alton of Liverpool to ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of (1) the alleged role of the government of Kenya in the detention and alleged mistreatment of Nigerian activist Nnamdi Kanu, (2) the circumstances surrounding the transfer of Mr Kanu to Nigeria against his will, and (3) of any assistance being provided to him by the High Commission in Abuja. HL1665,” a parliamentary schedule seen by Peoples Gazette stated.

In response to the parliament’s debate, Mr Ahmad said, “We are seeking clarification from the Nigerian Government about the circumstances of the arrest and detention of Nnamdi Kanu.”

Mr Ahmad also confirmed claims by the British High Commission in Abuja that the UK government was providing consular assistance for the IPOB leader.

“The UK has requested consular access to Mr Kanu from the Nigerian government, and we stand ready to provide consular assistance,” he maintained.

While Mr Buhari’s regime has refused to make public how it repatriated the IPOB leader from Kenya, the UK government had clarified that Mr Kanu travelling with a British passport was not arrested within its shores.

IPOB had also accused Kenya’s special police force of arresting, detaining, and torturing Mr Kanu before the authorities handed him over to the Nigerian government. But Kenya, through its high commissioner to Nigeria, Wilfred Machage, refuted the claim.

According to him, the East African country was not involved in the whole process.

But findings by The Guardian, a UK newspaper, indicated that he was arrested in Kenya, as Mr Kanu’s UK passport remains in Kenya.

He was said to have entered Kenya this year with his British passport on a visa expiring in June, the newspaper reported.

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