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Actor Charles Inojie Shares Heartwarming Encounter During His Visit To Ailing Colleague Mr Ibu, Who He Termed ” An Indomitable Humorist”



Actor Charles Inojie Recounts Humorous Moments During Visit To Mr Ibu’s Ward The Renowned actor and producer, Charles Inojie, on Monday, recounted his visit to his colleague, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, who is currently recuperating after undergoing seven surgeries, including the amputation of one of his legs.

In an account titled ‘MR IBU… THE INDOMITABLE HUMORIST!, Charles Inojie shared the lively and humorous atmosphere he encountered during his visit, despite Mr Ibu’s challenging health condition. Describing the moment, Inojie wrote,

“I never thought I could ever be able to relate this chapter of my encounter with Mr Ibu on his sick bed because I had this funny feeling that it had the potential of making light of a very dire situation as his condition presented.

He continued to share the banter exchanged between them, highlighting Mr Ibu’s indomitable spirit and ability to maintain humour even in the face of adversity.

“I walked into his private ward in the ICU in the company of Chinyere Wilfred at whose behest we made the journey to Ever Care where he is being treated.

We had just finished from a set, and she suggested that we take the opportunity to visit Ibu. With us were Jasmine, Mrs Ibu, and a woman I believe is her friend,” Inojie wrote. He added,

“From one joke to the other, Ibu literally entertained us. For a moment, I peered into his eyes as if searching for the secret of his willpower, and again, he levelled me out.

“IBU: ‘You dey pity for me? No fear, the doctor say I go fit still use the leg later, even though some betta-betta meat don commot for the leg.’

“You could never stop wondering where he got the strength under such agonising pain to exude such positive energy so effortlessly. Then came the moment.

I picked his hands from his sides and held them tightly as I muttered, ‘Let’s pray.’ “We gazed intently at each other and connected on the fading highways of nostalgia, and upon the instance, I felt a mad rush of hot tears welling up beneath my quivering eyelids. I quickly turned away for fear my animal weakness was threatening to have the better of me, but too late. Ibu was crying, too!”

“I left his ward with one of life’s vital lessons running through my mind… Whoever can muster the willpower to survive in the face of anguish and life-threatening pain can defeat death even in the most fiercesome battle. May God Almighty grant Ibu a speedy recovery.”


Billionaire Socialite, E-Money To Take Full Responsibility Of Junior Pope’s Sons



Nigerian socialite Emeka Okonkwo, also known as E-Money, recently expressed his sorrow over the tragic death of his late friend, Junior Pope, who passed away in a drowning accident.

In a heartfelt note, E-Money mourned the loss of the Nollywood star and pledged to take care of Junior Pope’s three sons, making them part of his family. This gesture of generosity and support has touched many hearts, raising questions about the importance of friendship and community support in times of grief.

In his post, He wrote;

“We tenderly remember your final words on the boat, “NA ONLY ME DEM BORN I GET 3 CHILDREN NA ME GO RAISE THEM,” and we solemnly commit to honoring that vow. Your children now find solace in the embrace of the Okonkwo family, and we, as members of that family, pledge to nurture them as you would have wished. Your absence leaves a palpable void, JP, and your memory will forever be held dear. Rest peacefully, knowing that you are deeply cherished, and may God’s blessings encompass your soul, your family, and all who hold you in their hearts. ” – E-Money

E-money’s post

God bless him as he keeps his promise.

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Nollywood Producer And Former Boss To Junior Pope, Tchidi Tchikere Pens Down Emotional Tribute To The Late Actor



Legendary Nollywood director and producer Tchidi Tchikere has penned down an emotional message for late Junior pope

He wrote;

“My boy. My son . Adieu. I feel like a man who has lost a son. You came to dance in my music video. I paid you and you said ‘Thank you sir’ I was touched by your gratefulness and I asked my production manager to call you back. I took your number and told you I d push your career cos out of all the people I paid that day you were the only one who said THANK YOU. So one month later and after auditions , I cast in a leading role in the movie DEEPER THAN FACES. I surrounded you with established actors like Tonto Dikeh. Uche Elendu and the legend Uncle Pete Edochie. Cos I knew casting you among them would make you fly. And fly you did. I carried your career AMAKA MUSTAPHA. BE NOT AFRAID. NEW JOY etcetera, and you kept flying.

“Others began to cast you and I was happy watching you grow. Casting you as Churchill son of legendary actor Kanayo O Kanayo in GLOBACOM’s sitcom Professor Johnbull was one of the best decisions of my career because again you showed your versatility.

“I don’t know how this happened, it s only God that knows, JP, for me you are not dead, you have only gone to another level. That is the only way I can cope with this terrible news. We will keep holding the flag until we meet again”.

Junior Pope and four other crew members died during a boat accident on their way to a movie location on the 10th of April 2024. His death is still a huge shock.

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Crossdresser, Bobrisky Sentenced To Six Months In Prison For Money Mutilation



Recall that on April 5th, Economic Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC arraigned Bobrisky in court on a six-count charge ranging from Abuse of the Naira and Money laundering.

The court, however, dismissed the money laundering charges but convicted him for Naira Abuse after he confessed to the crime. The court also ordered that he be remanded in EFCC detention in Lagos.

Bobrisky leaving the court Premises

First photos of Bobrisky as he leaves the courts premises with his luggage after his sentencing earlier today.

The popular cross dresser has been jailed for six months with no option of fine by Abimbola Awogboro, A judge of the federal high court in Lagos, over Abuse of Naira.

The controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky alao confirmed his gender during his trial on charges of naira abuse in court on Friday. He clearly stated that he is a “Man”

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