U.S warning on ISIS: Niger Delta Congress urges region to be on alert

  • Condemns attack on #RevolutionNow protesters

BY: Sandra Ani

The Niger Delta Congress (NDC) has called on the political leadership of the Niger Delta region to the intelligence report from the United States government of imminent plans by Islamic Terror groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda to infiltrate Southern Nigeria.

This latest revelation, according to NDC, does not come as a surprise to the NDC because Congress is already aware of intelligence reports that points to the presence of sleeper cells of terror groups already in Edo state in the region.

“We also have cause to believe that Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, and Delta State, have already been infiltrated by these armed and dangerous sleeper cells.

The Acting Spokesperson of NDC, Adokiye Oyagiri in a statement on Saturday said, “In the midst of these, the political leadership remains asleep to their primary responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of the people of the region. The Niger Delta Congress therefore calls on the state governors of the six Niger Delta states of Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, and Cross River to as a matter of urgency begin plans to establish a security outfit to serve the purpose of protecting the people of the region from these expected attacks.

“This has become necessary considering the fact that intelligence reports in the public domain already shows that there is a conspiracy and collusion between these terror groups, certain members of the security agencies of this country, and government officials who are driven by thirst for religious and ethnic conquest.

“It will be suicidal to depend on this same compromised security agencies for the security of the region.

“We already have evidence of this seeming collusion in the state-sanctioned ethnic cleansing of minority ethnic groups and Christians ongoing in Southern Kaduna. We must not wait to be in that position.

“The Niger Delta Congress also uses this opportunity to condemn the attacks on the #RevolutionNow protesters around the country by security agencies.

“This further proves that the security agencies are the private guards of the elites of this country and do not serve the people.

“Consequently, the calls for the masses of the country toorganise and protest this failed system is strongly supported by the Niger Delta Congress”.


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