[Opinion] The CAMA Law Not Good For The Country

I am against the CAMA law. The law would have been good in a functional society not a dysfunctional society like Nigeria where there is too much over reach from the government , whose only interest is to protect and promote their selfish agenda at all times.

CAMA law is not good for the country and democracy, it is not about church alone. It’s about subjugation and control.

Imagine a situation where Afenifere constantly criticize Buhari in ways he dislikes, he will tell CAC registrar or coordinating minister to take over Afenifere and claim mismanagement and there is nothing they can do. He will then appoint his stooges and the new management will be in his pocket. Afenifere is an NGO and the new CAMA law applies to them.

If Buhari is interested in the election of the NBA and his candidate can’t win the NBA election, he will ask the registrar to take over the NBA and claim mismanagement. We know these things and how they work here.

During election period, if an NGO is empowering people and their candidate stands a chance of wining against Buhari and his APC candidate in that area, he can tell the designated minister to take over the NGO and claim mismanagement since it is an NGO.

This is beyond church, it is power grab.
How can the executive with all its terrible flaws and corrupt tendencies have power to take over other people’s property without court order?

It is executive overreach and it bothers me

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