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Refuse Disposal: Between Governor Ugwuanyi and the Critics



No matter how we view Democracy- slow, cumbersome, or imperfect, it is still the best system to emancipate the people from tyranny and oppression. Democracy offers each of us, no matter how feeble, or eccentric, liberty to voice h/her opinion. This even extends to choice of candidate during electioneering, however clueless or inhuman the candidate seems, or is painted to be.

This summarises reasons the people of Enugu stand-by their Governor, His Excellency Rt. Honourable Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi; not because he is the perfect, not because he is excellent, and definitely not because all the challenges faced by the State and millions of citizens have all been solved. The people maintain the status quo simply because they believe in improvement through democracy, not autocracy; and that is where ‘Gburugburu’ resonates hope.

Where am I driving at? When the issue of reckless dumping of refuse in the State metropolis and subsequent overflow of litters on the streets, it becomes obvious to inform our people that the Government isn’t bereft of ideas on managing the situation.

Recently, voices of detractors seem to suggest that the present administration in the State is incapacitated or under-performing. One area they found pleasure is accusing the Governor of negligence of the environmental sanitation.

They keep vomiting venoms of frustration; casting aspersions on the Governor and his cabinet, accusing the Enugu State Environmental Management Agency (ESWAMA) of incompetence. Well, the truth is: let’s not doubt the Governor in a stint of fugacity nor play into the hands of political carnivores perching around to milk the scare recourses.

The environmental sanitation managers, at a point, failed to live up to His Excellency’s expectations. As a Government with people-oriented agenda, His Excellency quickly set up an Environmental Emancipation Committee, which in its findings reveal that; insufficient waste disposal facilities are the challenges encountered by ESWAMA in managing waste in the Coal City; also hog feeding, open dumping, incineration, resources recovering, composition and phrolysis are the waste disposal systems of ESWAMA; environmental protection and preservation are the prospects from waste management.

One thing about Governor Ugwuanyi: he tries to see the best in people; well, that could be a flaw; and by now, he would have learnt to ignore flaws, since the citizens see them so easily. So, he has taken bold actions to nib the issues in the bud.

He is not taking lightly the recommendation that ESWAMA management need to make every effort to safeguard the environment and reduce the hazardous effect which unhealthy environment can cause to individuals and society at large.

He is not just focusing on ridding the streets of refuse; he takes issues at abattoirs very seriously; as health sanitary inspectors have been given matching order to supervise and sensitization the people.

As a ‘grassrooter’, Gburugburu has also mandated ESWAMA to enhance the public enlightenment programmes meant to reach the grass root in order to secure and preserve the environment.

In his recent meeting with the environmental supervisors, His Excellency said, unequivocally, “Enugu Must Always Be Clean!” There is nothing to add. A little while we shall begin to see ESWAMA and their contractors refuse collection at night; this will prevent air pollution during the day.

Gburugburu isn’t perfect, but please lead me to the man who is! When I Governor Ugwuanyi, I see a man with the Citizen’s best interest at heart. We should not forget, transitorily, that things get worse before they get better. is on a critical mission; to objectively and honestly represent the voice of ‘grassrooters’ in International, Federal, State and Local Government fora; heralding the achievements of political and other leaders and investors alike, without discrimination. This daily, digital news publication platform serves as the leading source of up-to-date information on how people and events reflect on the global community. The pragmatic articles reflect on the life of the community people, covering news/current affairs, business, technology, culture and fashion, entertainment, sports, State, National and International issues that directly impact the locals.


President Tinubu Signs Into Law Bill Seeking To Reintroduce Nigeria’s Old National Anthem



President Bola Tinubu has signed into law the bill seeking to reintroduce the old national anthem. Senate President Godswill Akpabio announced this at the joint sitting of the senate and house of representatives on Wednesday, May 29.

Akpabio said the president signed the bill into law on Wednesday morning.

The bill received accelerated hearing in both chambers of the National Assembly.

Lillian Jean Williams, a British expatriate who lived in Nigeria during its independence, penned the lyrics for “Nigeria, We Hail Thee,” while Frances Berda composed the music.
The anthem was however dropped in 1978 during Obasanjo’s military administration.

See the lyrics of the anthem below

Nigeria, we hail thee,

Our own dear native land,

Though tribe and tongue may differ,

In brotherhood, we stand,

Nigerians all, and proud to serve

Our sovereign Motherland.

Our flag shall be a symbol

That truth and justice reign,

In peace or battle honour’d,

And this we count as gain,

To hand on to our children

A banner without stain.

O God of all creation,

Grant this our one request,

Help us to build a nation

Where no man is oppressed,

And so with peace and plenty

Nigeria may be blessed.

We supposed the new generation has to go and start learning the old national anthem now.

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Jenifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Marriage Heading For The Rocks



Ben Affleck believes he was “temporarily insane” when he married Jennifer Lopez and the star actor is reportedly pushing for a divorce after “coming to his senses”.

The pair tied the knot in August 2022, rekindling their romance 20 years after they called off their first engagement.

Less than 2 years later, Ben has allegedly labelled their relationship a “fever dream”.

Page Six reports the actor is keen to end their marriage, claiming the decision to wed was due to “temporary insanity”.

A source told the publication: “If there was a way to divorce on grounds of temporary insanity, he would.”

They added: “He feels like the last two years was just a fever dream, and he’s come to his senses now and understands there is just no way this is going to work.”

People also reported Ben and Jennifer have “very different approaches to fame” leading to clashes.

Although they recently attended Ben’s child Finn’s school production together, the couple are reportedly living separately despite buying a £47million ($60million) mansion together last year.

Divorce rumours were further fuelled when fans noticed that J.Lo liked an Instagram post about “broken relationships”.

Jenifer Lopez

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Teacher Arrested For Beating 8-Year-Old Pupil To Coma In Anambra



A 30-year-old teacher at Landmark School Mgbakwu in Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Faith Nwonye has been arrested for allegedly beating an 8-year-old pupil into a coma.

The state commissioner for Education, Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, who disclosed this while briefing journalists in her office on Monday, May 20, 2024, said that the school has been permanently shut down.

Chuma-Udeh said she had summoned the school’s proprietor and Nwonye to explain the incident that led to the brutal beating of the primary pupil.

“We received this unfortunate incident from an illegal school in Mgbakwu that a child was beaten to a coma over the weekend. On behalf of the State Government, we invited the proprietress of the illegal school as well as the teacher who purportedly beat the child,” she said.

“We’ve handed the matter to the police for further investigations, as we await Mr Governor’s directives. Meanwhile, the school is closed down indefinitely because it’s not supposed to exist in the first instance. Any parent who is enrolling his/her child in an illegal school is doing so at his/her own peril.

“To the proprietors of private schools, anyone running an unapproved school in Anambra is a criminal. It’s a criminal offence to run an illegal school in the state.

“Whether the school is legal or not, it’s criminal to beat a child. According to the doctor, the chances of survival of the child is 20%.”

The commissioner added that the teacher would be brought to book.

“As soon as the police are done, the teacher will face other institutions against child rights. She’s going to have the full wrath of the law brought upon her over her actions,” she said.

“Anambra state abhors violence to children, women, and any other person. It’s not part of this administration and Mr. Governor is against such.”

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