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How Governor’s purchases encouraged 5 UNN students building solar energy inverters



Five students of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) have disclosed how they were encouraged to continue building solar energy inverters, in spite all odds.

With 75 planning applications; 39 trained professionals and two offices, Business Manager, Nwangele Godwin Chukwuemeka; Quality Control officer, Okereke Kingsley; Production officer, Esumeh Aaron; Field Operations officer, Udeh Isaac Nnaemeka and Product Logistics officer, Ogechukwu Uchechukwu Emmanuel, have already completed 38 projects.

The Students shared how Enugu State Governor, RT. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s patronage at recent Enugu International Trade Fair enabled them to have some resources to invest on the project locally developed.

Read their inspiring story as represented by Ogechukwu Uchechukwu Emmanuel.

How was the idea conceived?

It all started with some boys who had big dreams of making solar energy available for people to use at home since it is already in existence in overseas. We started looking for knowledge, ideas and how to make it come by. Thanks to Industrial training and Engineer Precious Chijioke. He blessed us with knowledge during our industrial training.

Five of us: three in Electrical Engineering class, one Electrical Electronics and one Geography Students; found a need for this project. Four of us are finals and one penultimate when we started.

How long did it take from ideation, R&D to real construction and sales?

It took us like seven months to complete the circle and have a finished product. Remember, we are students, so we are putting to test the knowledge we have gathered from classes and personal studies.

You guys must have conducted some research on electricity challenges in Nigeria, can you share with us some of the findings?

The truth is that energy is not cheap anywhere but one peculiar thing with Nigeria is that our people waste energy that they can’t even pay for. An example is, most poor homes use 200watts bulb everywhere while such energy consumption is equal to some fridges used by rich men.  Also, the pressure on the national grid by home deprives the industries of this energy, so we thought if homes could key into green energy and leave out the noise and air polluting generators, the industries may gain little life. Another one is that some homes use our grid light to cook instead of using gas as the white men do. You can add yours too.

Where was the idea incubated?

It all started at social science quadrangle, in UNN. When we decided to do what the whites do and have a product no matter what stress and energy it will take.

When do you intend moving to mass production?

We have already started with 20 sets of 2.5kva and 1.5kva.

How much funding are you looking at?

We need about N100 million to flood the market with these products.

You said everything was developed in Nsukka, can you expatiate on that?

We designed our circuit board, more like the thing people call mother board, although we print it in China currently. We make our transformers ourselves here, get iron pan and bend it to our desired shape in Enugu. We then do other things ourselves except painting which we outsource.

How are you sourcing the raw material?

All the things we need are in the local market here. Although we now import resistors, inductors and micro processors via an agent in Ali express which makes them cheap.

What have been the greatest challenges?

At first, it was fund, next was people’s doubt on what we do. Now, it is expansion.

What can you guys take in exchange for this project?

We can take the project for itself. It is now our life.

What are the limitations of the products? Benefits too?

For now, we can boast of systems that are hybrid (uses both solar and disco grid) with in built automatic transfer switch, has load detection sensor as well as LCD for the user. It has a short-circuit detection mechanism inside for stubborn users like Nigerians with automatic shut down both in overload and short-circuit. For battery life extension, it has four stage charge modes with trickle charge effect.  It is one of the best power machines anybody in Nigeria can use because we understand the Nigerian user more than any foreign company. With respect to the limitations, we believe that our designs are not as beautiful as we want it to be but we will soon get over that.

How affordable are the products compared to imported ones?

We have the competitive power here, because our product is very affordable compared to any foreign system of same specification. Our prices are approximately 40% less than any one in the market.

Have you received any grant?

No, but will be happy to get


We have submitted documents for patency, but this is technology, only those with spiritual eyes can imitate it.

 How did you raise the initial funding?

We started with N45,000 and were adding N5,000 each until we got things set. As I said early, it was like seven months. And then one day at a trade fair, Gov. Ugwuanyi Ifeanyi of Enugu state bought our product alongside Mr. John Busco. That was our first return. We reinvested all.  And we kept saving and adding, hunger was on all our faces, but we kept smiling. One thing I must add, all our friends showed us love even when our first test system blew up. They still clapped for us.

What are the sizes and functionality?

Yes it is in sizes, from 1500 watts to 20,000 watts. You use it like other imported system. We have a manual too. It serves as a replacement for your generators and some decide to remove their disco grid entirely because it is reliable. You keep solar panels outside which traps sun rays as ultraviolet and sends it to your batteries as DC current. This DC is sapped by the inverter and sent out as AC for your home use.

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Meet Kingsley Adonu



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Under Kingsley’s astute leadership, SMobile Group has emerged as a major partner for MTN, evident in the impactful presence of the SMobile brand in the telecommunications landscape. His strategic insights and forward-thinking approach have positioned the group as a dynamic player in multiple industries.

Beyond the boardroom, Kingsley Adonu is a dedicated philanthropist, committed to making a positive impact in communities. His philanthropic efforts extend beyond business, reflecting a deep-seated belief in the responsibility of successful individuals to contribute meaningfully to society.

Kingsley’s influence is not confined to national borders; he has actively participated in numerous international telecom conferences, further enriching his understanding of global industry trends and fostering valuable connections with industry leaders worldwide.

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SHELT Global Unveils Security Operations Center, Training Academy

Report by SANDRA ANI



Mr. Youssef Abillama, Managing Partner (3rd right); Walid Bou Abssi, country manager of SHELT Cyber Immune Limited (2nd right), in company of business leaders and guests at the unveiling of SHELT Global Limited SOC and training academy in Lagos on February 16, 2024

Training Academy

SHELT Global Limited recently held a cocktail party at its new headquarters in Nigeria to unveil their upgraded Security Operations Center and the SHELT Training Academy.

SHELT has been operating in Nigeria across Lagos and Abuja for six years, serving the country’s leading financial, telecom, and government institutions in their cybersecurity needs.

This headquarters relocation consolidates the determination of SHELT in investing in Nigeria’s economy and in growing cybersecurity talent for the country.

Mr. Youssef Abillama, managing partner of SHELT Global Limited flanked by the team, at the unveiling of SHELT Global Limited SOC and training academy in Lagos on February 16, 2024

The party was attended by SHELT’s clients and partners, and the guests were taken on a tour of the newly opened premises.

The new SHELT Headquarters boasts a state-of-the-art 24/7 SOC to support the needs of the company’s clients all over Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

SHELT also revealed its Training Academy where young talents and experienced cybersecurity professionals looking to enhance their cybersecurity skills can enroll and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the company’s experts.

SHELT Training Academy will be issuing certifications to students in coordination with international cybersecurity bodies and affiliations.

Mr. Youssef Abillama, Managing Partner of SHELT Global Limited, said: “Our Nigeria offices are quickly turning into the company’s flagship, and we believe the country is playing its part as a role model to the rest of Africa when it comes to cybersecurity regulations. Today, with the launch of this new headquarters and the opening of our Training Academy, we can give back to the community that welcomed us from the start.”

Mr. Walid Bou Abssi, Country Manager of SHELT Cyber Immune Limited, said: “I see so many opportunities ahead of us in the future with the launch of the Academy. We hear of so many people wanting to enter the field of cybersecurity and we will be working hard to support the youth and cybersecurity professionals in their careers.”

Source: Techeconomy

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Sophos Expands Commitment to the Channel with New Dedicated Partner Care Offering




  • Partner Care Delivers 24×7 Administrative and Operational Support to Boost Channel Partner Profitability

Sophos, a global leader in innovating and delivering cybersecurity as a service, is expanding its commitment to the channel with the addition of Partner Care, a new offering in its global partner program that features a dedicated, 24×7 team of Sophos experts who handle non-sales related questions and operational support.

The offering is designed to speed up response times for Sophos partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) needing assistance with administrative and operational tasks, freeing them up to focus on selling and securing their customers with Sophos’ portfolio of innovative managed services and endpoint, network, email, and cloud security solutions.

“Based on our decades of experience successfully supporting partners who sell to mid-market and small business organizations, we know that administrative and operational issues take away valuable time needed to build customers relationships, pursue prospects and close new business deals,” said Kendra Krause, senior vice president of global channels and small business sales at Sophos. “Partner Care reinforces Sophos’ longstanding strategy to be ‘channel-best,’ which is our commitment to provide partners with optimal, conflict-free revenue and profitability opportunities, curated training and support, and advanced security solutions that defend customers from data breaches, ransomware and other debilitating cyberattacks.”

Sophos Partner Care offers a single point of contact for quoting, navigating the partner portal, addressing licensing queries, Not For Resale (NFR) requests, and more. With this high level of service, partners working with small and mid-market organizations can better boost their productivity and increase profitability.

“Being busy with administration can consume a lot of time and cost, so the idea that Sophos now has a focused Partner Care program and dedicated team to handle it is unbelievably beneficial,” said Richard Wenger, account executive, Point Broadband LLC, a Sophos channel partner based in Alabama. “We are looking forward to the training and enablement of the ‘tool,’ so we can start executing right away. Every bit of time away from the sales cycle is time away from building relationships and being trusted advisors to our customers. This Sophos Partner Care program is essential to my business.”

In addition to Partner Care, Sophos is offering several enhancements to its global partner program, including an additional 5% reward on top of a deal registration discount for partners selling Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR). This expires March 31, 2024.

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