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I don’t believe in One Nigeria – Tinubu




An old news paper traced as far back to the 13th of April 1997, has surfaced online of Tinubu stating that he does not believe in One Nigeria.
Now that singular statement is beginning to raise doubt from some citizens as they are wondering if he has an agenda especially considering his Muslim-Muslim ticket.

old paper of Tinubu’s statement

Just some days ago Tinubu made the announcement of his running mate public which caused a lot raised eyebrows owing to the fact that his running mate is also a Muslim just like him. And Although he made it clear to the citizens that his choice was not banked on religious sentiments but solely on competence in order to bring the best to Nigeria, a lot of people still had opinions as to why he shouldn’t have gone with the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Tinubu speaks on why he didn’t choose a Christian to be his running mate

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

And now, sighting his statement from the old papers has just increased the doubt of those who disagreed with his Muslim-Muslim ticket. Although his reasons for making such statements years ago was not made clear since we couldn’t really dig dip into the pictured paper, We are hoping that the 2023 presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu will drop a statement soon as to clearify his old statement, that’s if he’s still not banking on and with the statement.

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The Healing Prospects of Asiwaju and Atiku Tickets

However, it was important to point out the huge potentials of both tickets of Asiwaju and Atiku because if they were to sail through and managed well, either of them stands to  bring Nigeria together like never before writes Hashim Suleiman



Asiwaju Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar

Jimi Agbaje, the PDP gubernatorial candidate in lagos state for the 2019 elections had been rumored to want to join the APC in the past weeks and a television station had to invite him to speak on that which he categorically denied and insisted he remained a member of the PDP.

In the midst of the interview, the anchor had sought to know his opinion about the Muslim/Muslim ticket of Asiwaju Tinubu and he perfectly described the fact that the APC had murdered religion while the PDP had murdered ethnicity considering that an Atiku had emerged against the agitation of power return to the south after Buhari. Indeed his opinion was classy and it got me thinking a lot, follow me on my thoughts please.

Apparently, both tickets as described by Jimi above appear like firsts even though they are not necessarily happening for the first time albeit the others failed because they were not properly managed by all stakeholders.

The same religion ticket had first happened with Abiola in 1993 but could not see the light of the day apparently due to some elite disagreement and who knows maybe religious disharmony was part of their consideration at that time? It appears so though.

And as for the jettisoning of zoning, GEJ was the first in the democracy when he completed Yar’Adua’s tenure and insisted on running again against the zoning agreement of his party, I feel that was the beginning of the end of GEJ seeking second tenure in 2015 and  the rest is history today.

However, it was important to point out the huge potentials of both tickets of Asiwaju and Atiku because if they were to sail through and managed well, either of them stands to  bring Nigeria together like never before.

I insist that anyone that comes by has to be managed very well from day one of it was to sail through. For example, for Atiku, there has to be zero possibility for nepotism, there has to be inclusion from inception, the president would have to been seen to involve much of Ifeanyi Okowa in decision making in order that his creed will see reason to renew their faith in Nigeria and cease the hostilities, including so many more that could lead to development under peace and harmony.

As for the Asiwaju ticket, it is going to be more difficult to manage because there has to be avoidance of events that could create negative perceptions as regards faith, for example, you would have to avoid too much visits to the president or the Vice by Islamic clerics because I know they like that, appointments must be balanced with a view to probably having more Christians than Muslims, if possible the advertisement of prayer at mosques by both leaders could be left private, the ticket stands to attract more sycophants and managing them could be most difficult thing ever.

These and more too numerous to mention are tips on how these likely occurrences could be managed for the benefit of the nation. Both tickets have tendency to heal the many fault lines that had hitherto stood on the way for peaceful living  so much that our diversity could be tapped for progressive tendencies.

While the Atiku ticket would have less to do considering that both the north and the south have been represented on it but for the switch of it considering the completion of a northern Buhari eight year tenure, they’ll have less work to do to consolidate.

The Asiwaju ticket would have more work to do considering the sensitivity of religion, it is as sensitive as just ready to catch fire on a spark of matches, so the meticulousness required to manage it is something you would not want to ignore for a minute.

Like I had posited in my earlier article titled; Atiku and Asiwaju’s economic managements as the only good still left of Nigeria’s economy’ and which can be read here I highlighted that whichever way it went, Nigeria stood to be better off for it atleast as regards unity but with a caveat like I have tried to explain in today’s article.

May the best man win for the benefit of our dear country, Nigeria.

Hashim Suleiman

[email protected]

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3 shocking discoveries about the Bishops who went for the APC’s unveiling rally of Kashim Shettima



About the APC rally in Abuja where the vice-presidential candidate was unveiled, three things where discovered by citizens who were really paying attention to the incident of Bishops attending the ceremony. Now recall that when the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu introduced his vice and running mate as Kashim Shettima, a lot of citizens especially the christians where not in support because it is a Muslim-Muslim ticket. So many people felt insecure religiously knowing the situations in Nigeria. So having pictures and videos of the said Bishops in attendance to the unveiling of the Muslim-Muslim ticket party, seemed quite off and hence aroused the interest of some citizens into making some discoveries. The discoveries are as followed. But let me upload image proof first.

IMAGE 1 (The Chasuble)
The Chasubles are always plain, No priest ever wears a purple cassock only a sacristan does and gold chasuble are only for special masses in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic church.
The cassock is the inner vestment worn before the chasuble is worn. The Catholic priest cassock is either white or black but this guy is wearing purple. That means he didn’t do his homework before attempting mimic.

IMAGE 2 (Female Bishop)
According to the existing records, we have four female bishops in Nigeria and their names are:

  1. Bishop Oluremi Ayotunde Obembe
  2. Bishop Bola Odeleke
  3. Bishop Peace Okonkwo
  4. Archbishop Margaret Idahosa. Their images are in image 3 below. Again they didn’t do their homework before attempting the mimic. We need to know the name of the female bishop that graced the APC meeting.

VIDEO (Refusal to meet the press) I will post it under this post.
After the occasion they refused to grant interview to the press and refused to reveal their identities to the press which seems weird as to their reason why. So what is really going on? Because it would be nice if APC clears the citizens on what is really happening.

video Of the APC bishops
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The Nigerian Presidential candidates for 2023 and what they have to offer – A citizen’s tip.



The 2023 Nigerian Presidential campaign has been on for a while now, with a lot of candidates who registered before the primaries took place and decided which major candidates will continue the race.

Now, Nigerians can attest to the fact that there are majorly Four presidential candidates, Amongst which two are the most rival in the presidential race. The four major candidates are; Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar, and Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

The presidential candidates for 2023

And since every candidate is doing all they can to get the votes of the citizens, A lot of the citizens are also deeply observant of who has a better intention and plan for Nigeria seeing how badly the country has been dealth with by some of it’s leaders. Here is an observation made by a citizen named Mr. LM, as he obliged that Citizens should not be bought cheap or swayed by bad government to vote for bad government. Here are his points about each of the candidate in the next paragraph.

“There is a presidential aspirant who feels the best thing to do to the country is recruit 50 million youths into the army and focus on creating demand and supply between the Nigerian citizens and farmers, for the sake of Cassava, Corn, Yam and Agbado. He also believes all the citizens need to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner are Cassava and Ewa.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

There is another presidential candidate who feels the economy of the country needs be properly looked into and developed. He has traveled and keeps traveling to different countries to understand how things operate there so he can have a better knowledge of handling the country. He tells you the history, the present state, and the future plans he has for the country. He speaks with intelligence and belief.

Peter Obi

There is another presidential aspirant who we don’t even hear anything from at all. The only time we heard from him was when he made a post that he eventually deleted for the sake of his political runs.

Atiku Abubakar

Then, there’s one presidential aspirant who feels one of the above aspirants is fit enough to be his vice but not fit enough to be the president. Not much do we hear from him other than causing troubles and talking down on one of the above aspirants.

Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso

Lastly, there is you, the citizen. The average Nigerian. Who would allow 5 cups of rice and 4,000 naira settlement to make you vote unwisely in the coming presidential election.

And those were his observations about each major running candidate for the office of president in 2023. If you follow each of their campaign enough, you will observe what each candidate is saying by what they are not saying. So I hope we make the right choice. And please, make sure you get your PVC.

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