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3 shocking discoveries about the Bishops who went for the APC’s unveiling rally of Kashim Shettima



About the APC rally in Abuja where the vice-presidential candidate was unveiled, three things where discovered by citizens who were really paying attention to the incident of Bishops attending the ceremony. Now recall that when the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu introduced his vice and running mate as Kashim Shettima, a lot of citizens especially the christians where not in support because it is a Muslim-Muslim ticket. So many people felt insecure religiously knowing the situations in Nigeria. So having pictures and videos of the said Bishops in attendance to the unveiling of the Muslim-Muslim ticket party, seemed quite off and hence aroused the interest of some citizens into making some discoveries. The discoveries are as followed. But let me upload image proof first.

IMAGE 1 (The Chasuble)
The Chasubles are always plain, No priest ever wears a purple cassock only a sacristan does and gold chasuble are only for special masses in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic church.
The cassock is the inner vestment worn before the chasuble is worn. The Catholic priest cassock is either white or black but this guy is wearing purple. That means he didn’t do his homework before attempting mimic.

IMAGE 2 (Female Bishop)
According to the existing records, we have four female bishops in Nigeria and their names are:

  1. Bishop Oluremi Ayotunde Obembe
  2. Bishop Bola Odeleke
  3. Bishop Peace Okonkwo
  4. Archbishop Margaret Idahosa. Their images are in image 3 below. Again they didn’t do their homework before attempting the mimic. We need to know the name of the female bishop that graced the APC meeting.

VIDEO (Refusal to meet the press) I will post it under this post.
After the occasion they refused to grant interview to the press and refused to reveal their identities to the press which seems weird as to their reason why. So what is really going on? Because it would be nice if APC clears the citizens on what is really happening.

video Of the APC bishops


Governor Peter Mbah Signs Multi-million Dollar Joint Venture To Birth Job Opportunities, Promote Sports And Youth Development In Enugu State



The Governor Of Enugu State, Governor Peter Mbah has disclosed a recent deal he signed for the good of the people of Enugu. On his Facebook page he wrote;

“I was delighted to sign a multi-million dollar joint venture agreement with the Del-York Group for “The 042 Arena and Entertainment Park” over the weekend.

The multi-purpose sports and entertainment hub is designed to focus on key areas of development, training, innovation, education, talent discovery, hospitality, and entertainment, among others.

The Sports Arena will on completion feature training facilities, athlete housing, a physical therapy and sports medicine centre, and a performance centre, while the Entertainment Park will have a variety of designs, including screening rooms, stages, amphitheaters; and live, work and play facilities, among others.

It gladdens my heart that investors are now favouring our dear state as a location for businesses and investments. This demonstrates the success of our ceaseless efforts to make Enugu the safest place to live, invest, play sports, and enjoy leisure.

I’m hopeful that this project will create thousands of jobs for Ndi Enugu and also attract more investors and tourists to our state. It will also provide a platform for our young people to showcase their talents, thereby promoting sports and youth development in our state and the entire South-East region.

Many thanks to the CEO of Del-York, Linus Idahosa, who came up with the concept and chose Enugu as the planting soil. My administration will give him and his team all the needed support to flourish.”

Here are pictures from the signing ceremony.

We commend the Governor on this development.

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Governor Peter Mbah Appreciates Dave Umahi Over Swift Response To Work On A Recently collapsed Bridge In Enugu State



Governor Peter Mbah Appreciates The Minister For Works, Dave Umahi Over Swift Response To Work On A Recently collapsed Bridge In Enugu State

The bridge which is on the federal road, had sunk in on Monday.Thank God no casualties were recorded due to the less movements around the area on the it happened.

Here’s what the Governor wrote;

“Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of welcoming the Minister of Works, Engr. Dave Umahi, to Enugu State. The minister who came to inspect the collapsed bridge between the New Artisan flyover and the Naira Triangle, at the Enugu – Port Harcourt expressway, assured me of its immediate reconstruction.

“He commended me for ameliorating the plights of my people by undertaking to dualise the Enugu State’s part of the Enugu-Abakaliki road, and also assured me that the federal government would expedite the necessary approvals.

“I sincerely appreciate the minister for the prompt response, and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for inclusive leadership. This, for us, underscores the president’s commitment to his oath of office.”

Here are pictures from the scene visit

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PHOTO: Governor Peter Mbah Speaks At 2023 Lagos Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (LCCI)



The Governor of Enugu State, Governor Peter Mbah was one of the guest speakers at the 2023 LCCI. While posting pictures from the conference on his social media page, He wrote;

“Today, I was honoured to stand as Guest of Honour and Speaker on the platform of the 2023 Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) International Business Conference and Expo.

This event underscores our commitment to global partnerships and trade cooperation. From Enugu, I have proudly joined the dialogue that transcends borders.

As we engage in vital conversations, I extend a hand of partnership, inviting stakeholders to explore our nation’s potential. Together, let’s unlock avenues for national growth and prosperity.

In Enugu State, we are open for business; building partnership with the private sector to unlock the capital market, attract investments, and retake our place in the local and global economy.

I’m excited to share with you our state’s abundant investment opportunities and government inventives in agriculture and agro-industry, logistics and aviation, tourism, real estate, mineral resources, information and communication technology (ICT), among others.

We are also de-risking business investment in key sectors by providing access to land, providing support infrastructure, handling engagement with host communities, and facilitating the approval of building permits.

Amid challenges, our resolve for a robust business environment remains unshaken. We are intentionally revisiting our ease of doing business indicators to ensure the environment is conducive for businesses to thrive.

Join me in embracing this momentous stride as we amplify Enugu State’s prominence on the national and world map.”

Here are pictures from the conference.

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