Yahoo Boy’s Confession: Every Female Student on Campus Should Read This

"Many Nigerian Female Students Are Walking Dead"

Dear Editor, CampusLife,,
Please, hide my identity and that of my friend, but I want our ladies, especially those on Campus to read and beware. This is a true life story.
I came across a friend recently; we both graduated in 2014 from the University  (name withheld).
Damn, he has changed. This guy used to wear a shirt and trousers for almost a semester. But now he is a “big boy”. Looking very fresh and robust. You needed to see his flashy Range Rover Spot. Glittering rims and see his dressing too.
So, we started talking and I asked him how come he is looking very rich within a short time after graduation. He said he did “Gee” (populalry known as Yahoo Yahoo) and I was like “how did you get this far?”
He replied, ” I plus up nah”; as in (yahoo plus+).
I inquired further: what was that and how?
My “friend” opened up. In fact, he bared it all, not hiding anything; though he trusted that I will keep his secret.
Ladies, hear him ooo:  “My guy as I started this gee tin e no pay me. Imagine clients go dey give me $150. Why nah? Na em I go one baba like that, the man assure me say I go hit jack pot na just to do some rituals.
“At first I shake but after I go meet the man him give me hanky say if I sleep with any girl of my choice make I make sure say she sleep after sex then use the hanky clean the pussy then bring am for am.
“My guy after i do am i go give the man like after 2 months everything begin click for me o sometimes e dey hard bcz you go do some girls the baba go say dem don use dem”.
My goodness! I was shocked to the bone marrows. I couldn’t believe my ears. He went on to say: “Most Nigerian university female students are walking dead and empty vessels”. He even confessed that he has been doing this for close to a year now.
Just imagine the amount of innocent girls that are useless just because of material things. I am sorry to say but most of you girls are in big soup you need deep deliverance.
Please, to all ladies, especially those on Campuses, look before you reap!
Thanks, Editor.

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